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©ModaLisboa / Photography credits: Ugo Camera ​
Thank you: Albano Morgado, RBD.APP - Arquitectos Lda, Lunartex, Maeba International, Troficolor Denim Makers.
Shoes Exceed Shoe Thinkers; Music by Cat Santanna; Styling Anna Malchevskaia; Jewllery Nuuk; Video Joana Fernandes; Hair VascoLX; MakeUp Antónia Rosa.


Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 21.57.54.png
Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 21.58.02.png

Arcade: “an indoor area containing coin-operated game machines.”

This season we pay homage to the world of video games, going back to where it all started: in the arcade centers, in the early 70’s.

In a world constantly evolving, and with Artificial Intelligence now being part of our lives, we got inspired by the 8-bit games and pixel aesthetic, where humans had total control over technology.

You will find two prints on the collection: our rebranded DuarteHajime pixel logo and a game where our dogs Tadao & Marvel fight the problems created by Men.

As “world keepers”, they play the sports we have been inspired by in previous seasons and, on each level, they fight the Wave Man, Fire Man, Deforestation Man, Smog Man and now, the new monster: Artificial Intelligence. To defend themselves, they will throw tennis balls and bones, whilst eating pizza to gain energy.

Who will win in the end? Press start and play again.

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