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©ModaLisboa / Photography credits: Ugo Camera ​
Thank you: Albano Morgado, C.L.A.S.S. Eco Hub, Exceed Shoe Thinkers, RBD.APP - Arquitectos Lda. Music: NOCTURNAL





In this collection, our dog Tadao is the World Keeper and he fights the environmental issues created by Man, while trying to keep the world safe, one paw at a time.


Our sustainability protector will go against the problems created by Man like the Smog Man (air pollution), Fire Man (climate change), Deforestation Man (forests destruction) and Wave Man (water overconsumption).

In this majorly unisex collection, with a sustainable urban cool style, you will discover a balanced mixture of materials. 

Will you join Tadao in this battle to save our planet?

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