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SS18 Voyage 

©ModaLisboa / Photography credits: Ugo Camera
Thank you
: Metro Creativo Lda., Albano Morgado, Katia, Brazza Eyewear, DJ Neskk

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 14.43.39.png

To travel is to escape reality, even if just in our imagination.

Imagine an exotic trip to India, at sunset, during an age where traveling was considered a luxury.  With soft printed silks transporting us to some of India’s icons, and vibrant cottons to make us feel comfortably at home, just sit back and enjoy this Voyage - through the mysteries of Rudyard Kipling’s jungle and the beauty of India’s temples.

Following the brand concept of sportswear luxury each garment is thoroughly thought of, resulting in quality pieces.

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