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AW18 Prohibition

©ModaLisboa / Photography credits: Ugo Camera ​ 
Thank you: Albano Morgado, Eureka, Katia, Metro Creativo Lda., DJ Neskk

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 14.41.47.png

Prohibition is a journey to the roaring 20’s. A very prosperous time culturally, through the glamour age in America, where gangsters where idolized.

The silhouettes follow an Art Deco inspiration, as well as references of men’s fashion of the time. The cottons represent the vibrant cities like Chicago and NY, while the merino wools, the lamb and rabbit furs recall the luxury inherent to those years.

Following the brand concept of sportswear luxury each garment is thoroughly thought of, resulting in quality pieces.

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